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equip are pro active in our research of new technology and processes to ensure that we are kept up to date with the latest and greatest advances within the AV and events industry. we love to know about the new stuff so we can show it off to our clients and competitors! see what we’ve found here!

exciting new member of the equip kit family HAS ARRIVED!

New Barco E2 4K screen management system has arrived!!

equip are excited and proud to introduce the newest baby into our kit family! The Barco E2 4K image processor. Revolutionising image quality, it offers capabilities like never before. Superior image standards and native 4K input and output density, it raises the bar for live screen management!

It is the first and only screen management system on the market that can manage a 4K projector blend with refresh rates up to 60Hz. Offering eight mixable PGM outputs and four scaled Aux outputs for full show control from a single box. Its has eight independent PIP mixers and a dedicated multiviewer. The linkable chassis effortlessly expands beyond these eight outputs, expelling the need to for additional processing. As it’s inputs and layers can also be extended, the E2 is even capable of managing a blend of up to 32 4K projectors.

Unrivaled in it’s versatility, it is highlighted by an uncomplicated cross platform user interface, sporting touch screen ergonomics. Enabling ease of control, the presets are stored on the chassis accommodating third-party systems. Multiple users can control the system simultaneously and the API allows the third-party developers to create custom control programs and interfaces. This can be done simply by adding a new input or output card and users can easily swap a specific input or output card in the case of damage, without needing to replace the entire box!

It is durable by it’s very nature, featuring a steel chassis designed to withstand life on the road. The E2 is easy to ship and install due to its compact form factor of screen control and only four rack units. Last but not least, it is extremely reliable and easily serviced thanks to its modular cards and dual redundant power supplies.


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